The Growing Box is an ethical creative studio helping you to tell the world about the ideas and campaigns that matter. 


We have a simple mission statement: to do good work for the ideas and campaigns that matter. 

  • We're dedicated to helping you create something truly unique. We work with you as collaborators to achieve the best results for you. 
  • We shun the fabric of a traditional media and marketing agency (like, we really hate it).
  • We work on select projects with entrepreneurs, start-ups, large and small businesses whose values are synonymous with ours.

What We Offer

Meet The Team

Damien Clarkson
Director and Head of Communications

Damien is the Director of the Growing Box bringing over a decade’s experience in helping leading social change organisations tell their stories through innovative digital campaigns. He is a specialist in helping organisations develop marketing strategies and content to engage their audience and build influence. Damien is also a keen film-maker whose writing has appeared on the Guardian and Huffington Post. He is also the Founder of Vevolution, our vegan and conscious living festival.


Judy Nadel
Creative Consultant and Producer

Judy is a creative tour-de-force who wears many hats in our team. She is passionate about the arts, promoting women with her empowerment collective Badass Women and encouraging people to care about animals and the environment. She has worked with some of the biggest organisations in the UK in creating digital work and curating hackathons. She currently producing the Growing Box, vegan and conscious living festival Vevolution.

Robbie Lockie
Creative Director

Robbie brings 17 years experience in digital communications and user experience design, a film maker & environmentalist. He is the person responsible for making your ideas look beautiful and imagining new possibilities for your organisation. . He is also a socially engaged campaigner in the areas of environment, veganism and mindfulness and runs the online film platform People of London.


To find out more about what our team can do for your organisation get in touch with us now.