Making a successful crowdfunder for vegan frozen pizza company One Planet Pizza

One Planet Pizza achieved their crowdfunding target within a month of launching

One Planet Pizza achieved their crowdfunding target within a month of launching

We're food lovers at Vevolution. So when One Planet Pizza came to us with idea to launch a range of vegan frozen pizzas we were excited to get involved. 

One Planet Pizza wanted to become a community owned pizza company. Being partly owned by the community they were created to serve was really important to the Norwich based company headed up by long-term vegan entrepreneur Mike Hill.

The Growing Box team were briefed to help One Planet Pizza create a crowdfunding video which would help them to achieve their target of £20,000 investment.

After spending some on pre-production we headed up to Norwich with an abundance of camera equipment and lighting to record the crowdfunder video. We interviewed a selection of key investors and the company founders and captured the One Planet Pizza launch for friends and family.

We turned the crowdfunder video around in less than a week in time for the launch of the One Planet Pizza Seedrs campaign

The crowdfunder very quickly achieved the target of £20,000 investment. This will help One Planet Pizza stay a company connected to people who care about veganism.

Want to make a crowdfunder video in 2017?

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Vevolution showcases the best of the vegan community

Last November, the team at the Growing Box put on Vevolution Festival at the Oval Space in London. The festival attracted 500 people from across Europe to hear some of the leading lights in veganism share ideas to make the world a better place.

In 2017, we will launching more events and building an online education platform to host the talks we film at our events.

Growing Box's Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson pictured at Vevolution 2017

Growing Box's Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson pictured at Vevolution 2017

If you're looking at putting on an event consider getting in-touch with us at the Growing Box. We are capable of developing and marketing events of all shapes and sizes. From hackathons to blogger meet-ups and international professional conferences. 

We're also specialists at working with vegan businesses. We possess great understanding of the market and we're able to offer comprehensive content creation and marketing services. 

Get in-touch with us today and make 2017 a great year for your business. 

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Long or short? The video content dilemma

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away (Shoreditch), digital agencies were hard at work pitching 2-4 minute video content ideas for clients.

Wasn't that what the people wanted? Something cosy, 3 acts, a video we could all understand with a cup of tea whilst we watched YouTube.

Then a few things happened that meant the short video died a death. Facebook rejigged their algorithms to favour video content directly uploaded onto their platform, mobile screens became bigger and roaming internet data became cheaper. 

Vice CEO, Shane Smith recently told an audience at the Edinburgh International Television Festival: “We realised two years ago we had to get off the crack that is Facebook or at least somewhat mitigate it with some methadone [by expanding Vice on to multiple platforms].” 

It could be argued that Facebook is dictating how we tell our stories through video. Does the regimented AJ+ style format truly do justice to the points we need to put across? Or is it leading us down a path of over simplification.

Where Vice have found huge success is by giving credence to the important issues facing the younger generation. They have invested in creating long-form content that stands the test of time. 

Whilst in the short-term we all need to play the Facebook content game. Brands should be looking to explore how they can move into longer form content that gives them the chance to fully express what their product and ideas are about.

Two great exponents of this are the running shoe company Saloman and the energy drink Red Bull. Both companies focus on selling a lifestyle through their long-form content. This kind of content creation enables them to tell full stories and present the ideas close to that brands heart.

At the Growing Box we recently worked with the charity Viva! to create a short documentary called SWINE exploring the issue of antibiotic resistance in factory farms.  

The beauty of working in the longer format has meant we were able to create a film that has strongly resonated with people who have watched it. The film has already been invited to independent film screenings and looks like becoming an important online reference point for anyone interested in the issue of antibiotic resistance.

You can watch it for free on YouTube where to date it has been seen over 18,500 times and received 1445 likes. It has also been watched 33,000 times on Facebook. 

If you're interested in talking to us about developing content for your organisation please get in-touch by emailing

Time to get excited about the vegan and conscious living festival Vevolution

Last week we launched our vegan and conscious living education festival Vevolution. The festival will happen on the 5th November and bring together the game-changers in the vegan and conscious living movement for a day of inspiring talks, workshops and community.

The best way to describe the festival is to say it is like Ted Talks but a bit less formal and with more fun networking. 

You can check out the festival website at and tickets are now on sale and selling fast. 

As well as producing our own events at the Growing Box we can help you produce a festival, hackathon or event for your organisation. Check out our events section and contact for an informal chat about how we could help you. 

SWINE- Resistance is inevitable launches in London

(Pictured right to left: Timothy Shieff, Gregg Lowe, Juliet Gellatley, Damien Clarkson, Robbie Lockie)

(Pictured right to left: Timothy Shieff, Gregg Lowe, Juliet Gellatley, Damien Clarkson, Robbie Lockie)

Last Friday we launched our new short film SWINE with our clients Viva! in-front of a sold out audience of 200 people at the Trampery in Old Street.

The film was a project commissioned by Viva! and made for them by us as part of their groundbreaking campaign FaceOff which confronts the reality of factory farming.

Standing ovation as the credits roll

Standing ovation as the credits roll

After the screening the creative team received a standing ovation which was wonderful and very humbling. Damien and Robbie then took part in a panel with Juliet and Justin from Viva! and athlete Timothy Shieff. 

Since Friday the reaction to the film has been great with 25,000 people taking the time to watch SWINE. 

Over the coming months we will be working with Viva! to get the film out to the world online and via screenings. It is free to watch online and we hopefully it will make people more aware of the threat of antibiotic resistance and conditions of factory farms in the UK. 

You can watch the film by visiting or on Youtube

Swine- resistance is inevitable

Poster 8th July SWINE.jpg

This Friday marks a very special moment for us at the Growing Box as SWINE the short film (18 minutes) we have created for our client Viva! is released.

Earlier this year we were approached by Viva! and asked to help them create a film that would help them build support for their campaign FaceOff.

Damien and Robbie then set about the task of trying to create something unique and groundbreaking to expose the reality of what goes on with the UK's factory farms and SWINE was born.

Swine focuses on the rise of antibiotic resistance in factory farms and raises important questions about the future of food. 

The film will be released online at on the 8th July at 7pm (BST). There is also a sold-out private screening for 200 people at The Trampery in London.

Our Thunderclap campaign to support the launch of the film has far exceeded its target and there is still time to add your voice to the launch of this important film.

Watch the trailer below and get ready because 'resistance is inevitable'.